code4lib 2008

Show Your Stuff, using Omeka

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Dave Lester - Web Developer, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University
Jeremy Boggs - Creative Lead, Web Designer/Developer, Center for History and New Media, George Mason University

Using a CSS Framework

Chris Barr - Villanova University

XForms for Metadata creation

Winona Salesky - Digital Initiatives Librarian, University of Vermont
Michael Park - Brown University

OSS Web-based cataloging tool

Chris Catalfo - Programmer, LibLime

Building Mountains Out of Molehills

Patrick Kennedy - Bibliocommons
Ronald Braun - Bibliocommons

The Making of The Code4Lib Journal

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Jonathan Brinley - Ball State University
Edward M. Corrado - The College of New Jersey
Jodi Schneider Amherst College

Finding Relationships in MARC Data

Rob Styles - Programme Manager, Talis

Delivering Library Services in the Web 2.0 environment: OSU Libraries Publishing System for and by Librarians

Kim Griggs - Oregon State University
Margaret Mellinger - Oregon State University
Jane Nichols - Oregon State University

A Metadata Registry

Jon Phipps - NSDL Metadata Registry, Cornell University Libraries

The Code4Lib Future

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Edward Corrado - TCNJ

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