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Information on the code4lib journal.

Results of the journal name vote

Here are the results of the code4lib journal name vote:

  1. /lib/dev: A Journal for Library Programmers (14 votes)
  2. Indexed: The Library Coder’s Quarterly (11 votes)
  3. Code4Lib Journal (8 votes)
  4. TIE: /dev/lib/journal and Access Points (7 votes each)

All other names received 5 or fewer votes. 28 people voted, four of whom voted for 5 or more names.

Thanks to everyone who participated!


code4lib journal: mission, format, guidelines


Library technologists (developers, programmers, sysadmins, and systems librarians) need better ways to share information both among themselves and with the library community as a whole, including public and technical services staff, library management, and other non-IT specialists. The code4lib journal facilitates technical communication by publishing articles on tools, specs, and challenges in the world of library technology. The journal focuses on showcasing practical hacks, working code, best practices, and implementation issues, and also includes higher-level discussions of large projects or challenges pertaining to information technology in libraries. It is what Roy Tennant calls a "truly technical rag" for libraries.



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