IRC'd off in Iowa - HELP!

Alas, the security suits at my new job have IRC blocked at the corporate firewall.
I seem to recall someone offering a shell account for #code4lib IRCing...?
Is there any hope for a wayward ex-not-a-librarian?

IRC lives!!!

Yay! LinuxInLibraries did the trick.
Thanks so much!!!

Andrew Forman
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I have a somewhat unstable linux machine at home that you can use for console based access if you want. Personally irssi is just fine for me. Let me know if you are interested: ehs at pobox dot com.

web access to #code4lib

Hi ph0rman,

The LinuxInLibraries folks set up a cgi based IRC interface awhile back that might work for you. You can find it at:

The two choices are #code4lib and #linuxinlibraries

Hope that helps,

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