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Discussion for Elsevier App Challenge during Code4Lib 2012

Hello Everyone,

My name is Nishit Bhuva and I am the Partner Development Manager in the Developer Network team at Elsevier. I am sure many of the Code4Lib members must be aware of SciVerse Applications that are developed on the Elsevier platform. For the members who are new to this platform, the apps on SciVerse basically assist researchers in accelerating their scientific study by saving time and effort and presenting targeted information, rather than having them go through the vast amount of scientific data available.

We are very excited about the Code4Lib conference. Elsevier was one of the sponsors for Code4Lib 2011 and we are also on the sponsors list for Code4Lib 2012. Since SciVerse apps are excellent tools that bring precise scientific information at the fingertips of researchers, we are interested in engaging with all members of Code4Lib to use their expertise and assist the scientific community in accelerating their research. To facilitate the engagement with Code4Lib members, we are interested in organizing an App Challenge prior to and during the 2012 conference. This challenge will give Code4Lib members an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global platform.

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