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code4lib 2006 presentations will be available

We will be recording the code4lib 2006 presentations. Check back here for updates - we will try and get the presentations up as quickly as possible.

UPDATE: Most likely, the audio recordings will not be up until shortly after the conference (the facility's recording equipment is analog only, hence the delay to convert the recordings into digital format).

unapi revision 1

[Update (2006-03-16): the new home for unAPI and this spec is]

Attached is revision 1 of unAPI. Revision 2 is due in one month.

unAPI has changed significantly since version 0. A combination of many sharp minds from various nations and healthy skepticism and a variety of scrumptious Oregon microbrews on tap nearby has narrowed its scoped and tightened its approach significantly.

There are still a number of issues to consider but revision 1 is a solid spec that should be easily implemented in a variety of contexts. If you wish to comment, complain, commend, or suggest other tasty Oregon microbrews we might sample before we leave Corvallis please recall that the gcs-pcs-list is the list of record for unAPI development.

2006 code4lib Breakout Sessions

Wednesday, February 15

Building a library IM bot. As suggested by Ed Vielmetti, it would be handy to provide bots that patrons can add as buddies to their AIM, MSN, or Yahoo IM accounts. Features might include:

  • catalogue searching
  • library hours
  • my account information (at least display it, and maybe renew books too?)
  • contact information for circ desks, liaison librarians etc.
  • forward a reference question to a librarian IM account

Developing unAPI and w/unAPI
Discuss open issues on the spec and prepare a revision for release on 2/16 (day 2 of code4lib). Also a good time to learn more about what it can do for you, and to try implementing it, too! -dchud

Code4Lib conference

The Code4Lib conference was born in a chatroom discussion in November 2005*. code4lib members quickly coalesced around the idea, and Jeremy Frumkin stepped forward to host it at Oregon State University. It was such a success that the code4lib community has continued hosting the conference annually.

code4lib journal: draft purpose, format, and guidelines

There's been some good discussion on the code4lib mailing list about starting a code4lib journal. At this point it looks like we'll be trying to set something up, so I've taken a preliminary stab at formulating some policies and guidelines for publishing articles. I haven't yet tried to address some of the more innovative suggestions that have come up, and I've never set up a journal before, so please go ahead and make changes, additions, and comments (the draft is on the wiki so it can be edited directly).


There is a code4lib IRC channel (chat room) for folks who are interested in the convergence of technology and cultural heritage. The channel is a less formal and more interactive alternative to the code4lib mailing list for the discussion of code, projects, ideas, music, first computers, etc.

Stop by and say hello.

If you don't already have an IRC client, there are several options available at no cost.

  • Easiest: connect through the web at Nickname: pick a name, Channels: #code4lib

    Also useful if you can't install a client, or if IRC traffic is blocked on your network,

  • If you have Gaim or Trillian installed, they both provide IRC access.
  • If you use Firefox, the Chatzilla add-on is an option.


There was a session at code4lib 2006 on using IM bots to deliver library services. I was at a different session, but I thought about it a bit and realized that the "jake-like" queries to the CUFTS database could fairly easily be adapted to the IM world. "jake-like" queries being "where is this journal indexed?", "where is there fulltext for this journal and what's the coverage", etc. I started on a quick bot while I was there, got that working and finished up a fairly comprehensive version last week.

Connecting the bot to the IM network was very easy thanks to Net::OSCAR. Unfortunately, it doesn't include file transfers, but everything else I wanted was there. Since I already had the database and queries mostly written, the bulk of the work was formatting the results for IM size display, handling "more" commands, and writing help.

regulars on the #code4lib irc channel

The following is a list of some of the people who often hang out in #code4lib. Some of them appear in this picture from Access 2005, and many of them have blogs that are part of planet code4lib. Feel free to add your name.

#code4lib irc channel faq

Like any community, the #code4lib IRC channel can be intimidating to newcomers. For those who are new to the channel, here are some answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

Code4lib Journal Name Vote

Vote for the Code4lib journal name!

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The proposal with the most votes wins. You can cast as many votes as you wish, but may only vote a specific name once.

Happy voting!