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one more week for proposals

The deadline for proposing a talk has been extended one week to Jan. 9. We've already got several very cool proposals but more is better, and there's plenty of room for spillover in the lightning sessions and breakouts.

To submit, read this first and then follow these instructions. Especially the 75-words-max part.

Breakout session ideas

People interested in the same project/problem can hang out in a space together for 60-90 minute blocks. Somebody near to the project/problem can coordinate discussion, set up hackers, tackle a challenge session topic, etc. Larger groups will get separate space, smaller groups can just spread out in the larger conference room space.

If you have an idea for a breakout topic, you can add it here. (See below the fold for the current list of suggestions.)

User profile info available to other (registered) users?

I would find it helpful if usernames on the website were hyperlinked to a profile for that user. I'm thinking in terms of the content available in the "view" and "contact" tabs of the user account. Naturally, the "edit" and probably the "track" tabs should either be disabled or better yet, not show up at all. This access might be restricted to other registered users... or not. I realize...

2006 Proposal Voting

Received proposals:

Andrew Nagy

Date: December 1, 2005 2:53:47 PM PST

Hello all geeks!

I would mainly like to come to the conference assuming my prof dev request goes through. However, I thought I might propose a talk since I am in the planning/design stages of a fairly large and somewhat innovative project.

I am currently designing out what I am calling internally as an "XML Framework" for our library's primary access system to our entire collection of resources. The goal of this XML Framework is to contain our entire catalog which contains our journals and books as well as a collection for our digital library and our digital repository and possibly even our library's website. The system will be built from the eXist XML database which structures "collections" in a heirarchical system much like a filesystem. The collections have permissions just like a unix filesystem that allows the control for management, etc. The book and journal records would be generated in MARCXML format from our library catalog and our digital library and digital repository content would be stored using the METS XML format. With everything in a single "XML Framework" this allows incredibly easy access following the google style of search where you simply type in your keywords and then decide what it i

Robert Sanderson

Subject: [code4libcon] Proposal: Library Text Mining
Date: December 1, 2005 3:40:03 PM PST

Rob Sanderson, (
Prepared Talk: Library Text Mining

Using the TeraGrid[1] and the SRB DataGrid[2], we have sufficient
computational and storage facilities to run normally prohibitively
expensive processing tasks. By integrating text and data mining
tools[3][4] within the Cheshire3[5] information architecture, we can
parse the natural language present in 20 million MARC records (the
University of California's MELVYL collection) and extract information to

Michael Sauers

Subject: [code4libcon] Code4lib speaker proposal
Date: December 2, 2005 6:03:59 AM PST

Firefox Search Plugins: Searching Your Library in the Browser
(Michael Sauers, BCR’s Internet Trainer)
The Firefox browser has a built-in search bar allowing users to search such databases as Google, and Wikipedia. What many don't realize is that you can create customized searches that can be added to Firefox. This session will walk you through the creation of a search plugin that, once installed, will allow your patrons to search your OPAC, or other open search engine, from within Firefox without having to access the library's site first.

Don Bright

Date: December 5, 2005 10:18:02 AM PST

Endeavor's Voyager provides access to the bibliographic database via Microsoft Access routed through Oracle ODBC drivers on MS Windows. This presents barriers for installation and for programming. An alternative exists. It involves a python library that accesses Voyager's database via Jpype and an Oracle JDBC driver. This makes possible single .exe file installation and programming with free tools. Useful programs developed include a barcode lookup helper and a local database replicator for faster SQL experimentation.

Dianne Cmor

Date: December 5, 2005 9:07:38 PM PST

Congratulations on the inaugural code4lib commune!! Please accept the following proposal for one of the 20 min. talks.

Walking with Geeks: Real Life Misuses of XML
XML and related technologies are much talked about but little understood by many lowly library practitioners such as ourselves. But this has not stopped us from using and misusing them to meet mundane user needs such as creating dynamic web pages without a live database, feeding content to the campus portal, performing data conversions and extending the capabilities of our OpenURL resolver. This presentation will describe 3-4 simple uses of XML, XSLT and some basic scripting to provide content to our users.