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Karen Coyle: Come in, no questions asked

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 15:40
by Eusebia Parrotto, Trento Public Library*

He is of an indeterminate age, somewhere between 40 and 55. He's wearing two heavy coats, one over the other, even though it's 75 degrees out today (shirt-sleeve weather) and a large backpack. He's been a regular in the library for a couple of months, from first thing in the morning until closing in the evening. He moves from the periodicals area along the hall to the garden on fair weather days. Sundays, when the library is closed, he is not far away, in the nearby park or on the pedestrian street just outside.

I run into him at the coffee vending machine. He asks me, somewhat hesitantly, if I have any change. I can see that he's missing most of his front teeth. I've got a euro in my hand, and I offer it to him. He takes it slowly, looks at it carefully, and is transformed. His face lights up with a huge smile, and like an excited child, but with a mere whisper of a voice, he says: "Wow!! A euro! Thanks!" I smile back at him, and I can see that he's trying to say something else but he can't, it tires him. I can smell the alcohol on his breath and I assume that's the reason for his lapse. He motions to me to wait while he tries to bring forth the sounds, the words. I do wait, watching. He lifts a hand to the center of his neck as if to push out the words, and he says, with great effort and slowly: "I don't speak well, I had an operation. Look." There is a long scar on his throat that goes from one ear to the other. I recognize what it is. He says again, "Wait, look" and pulls up his left sleeve to show me another scar along the inside of his forearm that splits in two just before his wrist. "I know what that is," I say.

Cancer of the throat. An incision is made from under the chin to arrive at the diseased tissue. They then reconstruct the excised portion using healthy tissue taken from the arm. That way the damaged area will recover, to the extent it can, its original functions.

With great effort and determination he tells me, giving me the signal to wait when he has to pause, that he was operated on nearly a year go, after three years in which he thought he had a stubborn toothache. When he couldn't take it any more he was taken to the emergency room and was admitted to hospital immediately. I tell him that he's speaking very clearly, and that he has to exercise his speech often to improve his ability to articulate words; it's a question of muscle tone and practice. I ask him if he is able to eat. I know that for many months, even years, after the operation you can only get down liquids and liquified foods. He replies "soups, mainly!" It will get better, I tell him.

His eyes shine with a bright light, he smiles at me, signals to me to wait. Swallows. Concentrates and continues his story, about a woman doctor friend, who he only discovered was a doctor after he got sick. He tells me some details about the operation; the radiation therapy. This is the second time that he has cheated death, he says. The first was when he fell and hit his head and was in a coma for fifteen days. "So now this, and it's the second time that I have been brought back from the brink." He says this with a smile, even a bit cocky, with punch. And then tears come to his eyes. He continues to smile, impishly, toothlessly. "I'm going to make it, you'll see. Right now I'm putting together the forms to get on disability, maybe that will help." "Let's hope it works out," I say as we part. And he replies: "No, not hope. You've got to believe."

The derelicts of the library. A few months back it was in all of the local papers. One student wrote a letter to the newspaper complaining that the presence of the homeless and the vagabonds profaned the grand temple of culture that is the library. Suddenly everyone had something to say on the matter; even those who had never even been to the library were upset about the derelicts there. They said it made them feel unsafe. Others told how it made them feel uncomfortable to come into the library and see them occupying the chairs all day long. Even when half of the chairs were free they were taking up the places of those who needed to study. Because you can't obviously mix with them.

I don't know how often the person I chatted with today had the occasion to speak to others about his illness. It's a terrible disease, painful, and it leaves one mutilated for life. Recovery from the operation is slow, over months, years. It's an infliction that leaves you with a deep fear even when you think you are cured. That man had such a desire to tell the story of his victory over the disease, his desire to live, his faith that never left him even in the darkest moments. I know this from the great light that radiated from his visage, and from his confident smile.

I don't know of any other place but standing at the vending machine of a library where such an encounter is possible between two worlds, two such distant worlds. I don't know where else there can be a simple conversation between two persons who, by rule or by necessity, occupy these social extremities; between one who lives on the margins of society and another who lives the good life; who enjoys the comforts of a home, a job, clean clothes and access to medical care. Not in other public places, which are open only to a defined segment of the population: consumers, clients, visitors to public offices. These are places where you are defined momentarily based on your social activities. Not in the street, or in the square, because there are the streets and squares that are frequented by them, and the others, well-maintained, that are for us. And if one of them ventures into our space he is surely not come to tell us his story, nor are we there to listen to it.

He is called a derelict, but this to me is the beauty of the public library. It is a living, breathing, cultural space that is at its best when it gathers in all of those beings who are kept outside the walls of civil society, in spite of the complexity and contradictions that implies.

The library is a place with stories; there are the stories running through the thousands of books in the library as well as the stories of the people who visit it. In the same way that we approach a new text with openness and trust, we can also be open and trusting as listeners. Doing so, we'll learn that the stories of others are not so different from our own; that the things that we care about in our lives, the important things, are the same for everyone. That they are us, perhaps a bit more free, a bit more suffering, with clothes somewhat older than our own.

Then I read this. It tells the story of the owner of a fast food restaurant who, having noticed that after closing someone was digging through the trash cans looking for something to eat. So she put a sign on store window, inviting the person to stop in one day and have a fresh meal, for free. The sign ends with: "No questions asked."

So this is what I want written on the front door of all libraries: "Come in, whoever you are. No questions asked."

*Translated and posted with permission. Original.

[Note: David Lankes tweeted (or re-tweeted, I don't remember) a link to Eusebia's blog, and I was immediately taken by it. She writes beautifully of the emotion of the public library. I will translate other posts as I can. And I would be happy to learn of other writers of this genre that we can encourage and publicize. - kc]

David Rosenthal: The Ontario Library Research Cloud

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 15:00
One of the most interesting sessions at the recent CNI was on the Ontario Library Research Cloud (OLRC). It is a collaboration between universities in Ontario to provide a low-cost, distributed, mutually owned private storage cloud with adequate compute capacity for uses such as text-mining. Below the fold, my commentary on their presentations.

For quite some time I've been greeted by skepticism as I've argued that, once you  get to a reasonable scale, commercial cloud storage is significantly more expensive than doing it yourself. It was very nice to hear a talk that agreed with me.

Admittedly, Ontario is a nearly ideal environment for a collaborative private storage cloud. It has nearly 40% of Canadians, almost all concentrated together close to the US border, and a quarter of the top Canadian Universities. And the Universities have a long history of collaborating. Among them are ORION, a shared high-bandwidth network connecting the campuses, and the striking success of Scholar's Portal, which ingests the e-journals to which Ontario subscribes and provides local access to them. They currently have about 38M articles, about 610K e-books.

Scholar's Portal are branching out to act as a data repository. Their partners estimated that their storage needs would grow rapidly to over a petabyte. OLRC's goals for a shared storage infrastructure were four-fold:
They estimated the cost for using commercial cloud services, even though they would not meet the other three goals, and were confident that using off-the-shelf hardware and open source software they could build a system that would provide significant savings.

They received a grant from the provincial government to cover the cost of the initial hardware, but the grant conditions meant they had only three months to purchase it. This turned out to be a major constraint on the procurement. Dell supplied 4.8PB of raw disk in 77 MD1200 shelves, and 19 PowerEdge R720xd heads for a total usable storage capacity of 1.2PB. Two nodes were in Toronto, one each in Ottawa, Kingston, Guelph. They were connected by 10G Ethernet VLAN links.

The software is the Swift OpenStack open source object storage infrastructure. This is hardware agnostic, so future hardware procurement won't be so constrained.

The partners initially set up a test network with three nodes and ran tests to see what the impact of Bad Things happening would be on the network. The bottom line is that 1G Ethernet is the absolute minimum you need - recovering from the loss of a 48TB shelf over a 1G link took 8 days.

As I've pointing out for some time, archives are going through a major change in access pattern. Scholars used to access a few individual items from an archive, but increasingly they want to mine from the entire corpus. OLRC realized that they needed to provide this capability, so they added another 5 R720xd servers as a compute cluster.

Now that the system is up and running, they have actual costs to work with. OLRC's next step is to figure out pricing, which they are confident will be significantly less than commercial clouds. I will be very interested to follow their progress - this is exactly how Universities should collaborate to build affordable infrastructure.

Alf Eaton, Alf: Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 13:52
  1. A client (web browser) is not allowed to read data sent in response to a GET request containing authentication credentials, if Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * is present in the HTTP headers of the response.
  2. The only time data with an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header is available to the client is when no authentication details (e.g. cookies) are sent.
  3. When an Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header is set on the response, the data that can be read is guaranteed to be anonymous.

[†] This is a special case that only applies when * is set as the origin.

[‡] The only exception is when authentication is by IP address - in that case the Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * header should not be set.

Open Knowledge Foundation: Open Trials: Open Knowledge Announce Plans for Open, Online Database of Clinical Trials

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 13:00

Open Knowledge today announced plans to develop Open Trials, an open, online database of information about the world’s clinical research trials funded by The Laura and John Arnold Foundation. The project, which is designed to increase transparency and improve access to research, will be directed by Dr. Ben Goldacre, an internationally known leader on clinical transparency.

Open Trials will aggregate information from a wide variety of existing sources in order to provide a comprehensive picture of the data and documents related to all trials of medicines and other treatments around the world. Conducted in partnership with the Center for Open Science and supported by the Center’s Open Science Framework, the project will also track whether essential information about clinical trials is transparent and publicly accessible so as to improve understanding of whether specific treatments are effective and safe.

“There have been numerous positive statements about the need for greater transparency on information about clinical trials, over many years, but it has been almost impossible to track and audit exactly what is missing,” Dr. Goldacre, the project’s Chief Investigator and a Senior Clinical Research Fellow in the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine at the University of Oxford, explained. “This project aims to draw together everything that is known around each clinical trial. The end product will provide valuable information for patients, doctors, researchers, and policymakers—not just on individual trials, but also on how whole sectors, researchers, companies, and funders are performing. It will show who is failing to share information appropriately, who is doing well, and how standards can be improved.”

Patients, doctors, researchers, and policymakers use the evidence from clinical trials to make informed decisions about which treatments are best. But studies show that roughly half of all clinical trial results are not published, with positive results published twice as often as negative results. In addition, much of the important information about the methods and findings of clinical trials is only made available outside the normal indexes of academic journals.

“This project will help to shed light on both good and bad practices by the sponsors of clinical trials,” Stuart Buck, LJAF Vice President of Research Integrity, explained. “If those sponsors become more transparent about their successes and failures, medical science will advance more quickly, thus benefitting patients’ health.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Open Knowledge on the use of the Open Science Framework (OSF) for this project. Open Trials is a great example of how the free, open source OSF infrastructure can be utilized by the community in different ways to increase transparency in scientific research,” Andrew Sallans, Center for Open Science Partnerships Lead, explained.

Open Trials will help to automatically identify which trial results have not been disclosed by matching registry data on trials that have been conducted against documents containing trial results. This will facilitate routine public audit of undisclosed results. It will also improve discoverability of other documents around clinical trials, which will be indexed and, in some cases, hosted. Lastly, it will help improve recruitment for clinical trials by making information and commentary on ongoing trials more accessible.

“This is an incredible opportunity to identify which trial results are being withheld,” Rufus Pollock, President and Founder of Open Knowledge, explained. “It is the perfect example of a project where opening up data and presenting it in a usable form will have a direct impact—it can literally save lives. We’re absolutely delighted to partner with Ben Goldacre, a leading expert and advocate in this space, as well as with the Center for Open Science and LJAF to conduct this groundbreaking work.”

The first phase of the Open Trials project is scheduled for completion in March 2017. For project updates, please follow @opentrials on twitter

or get in touch with us at

CrossRef: Update to CrossRef Web Deposit Form for CrossCheck Indexing

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 08:59

CrossRef has recently updated the Web Deposit form to help CrossCheck members enable their content for indexing in the CrossCheck database. As of February 2015, the aim has been to get all CrossCheck member publishers enabling indexing via the 'as-crawled' URL method, where publishers deposit full-text links to the content in the CrossRef metadata so that iParadigms can find and index it more easily.

Publishers who use the Web Deposit Form to deposit DOIs and metadata with CrossRef can now enter the full-text link to the PDF or HTML version of the article in the 'iParadigms URL' field on the web deposit form.

Backfiles can also be populated with this information in bulk using the .csv upload option:

These measures are being put in place to try to increase the efficacy of CrossCheck indexing by iParadigms and make sure the Similarity Reports accessed by CrossCheck users in iThenticate are as comprehensive as possible.

Galen Charlton: How long does it take to change the data, part I: confidence

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 00:09

A few days ago, I asked the following question in the Mashcat Slack: “if you’re a library data person, what questions do you have to ask of library systems people and library programmers?”

Here is a question that Alison Hitchens asked based on that prompt:

I’m not sure it is a question, but a need for understanding what types of data manipulations etc. are easy peasy and would take under hour of developer time and what types of things are tricky — I guess an understanding of the resourcing scope of the things we are asking for, if that makes sense

That’s an excellent question – and one whose answer heavily depends on the particulars of the data change needed, the people requesting it, the people who are to implement it, and tools that are available.  I cannot offer a magic box that, when fed specifics and given a few turns of its crank, spits out a reliable time estimate.

However, I can offer up a point of view: asking somebody how long it takes to change some data is asking them to take the measure of their confidence and of their constraints.

In this post I’ll focus on the matter of confidence.  If you, a library data person, are asking me, a library systems person (or team, or department, or service provider), to change a pile of data, I may be perfectly confident in my ability to so.  Perhaps it’s a routine record load that for whatever reason cannot be run directly by the catalogers but for which tools and procedures already exist.  In that case, answering the question of how long it would take to do it might be easy (ignoring, for the moment, the matter of fitting the work onto the calendar).

But when asked to do something new, my confidence could start out being quite low.  Here are some of the questions I might be asking myself:

Am I confident that I’m getting the request from the right person?  Am I confident that the requester has done their homework?

Ideally, the requester has the authority to ask for the change, knows why the change is wanted, has consulted with the right data experts within the organization to verify that the request makes sense, and has ensured that all of the relevant stakeholders have signed off on the request.

If not, then it will take me time to either get the requester to line up the political ducks or to do so myself.

Am I confident that I understand the reason for the change?

If I know the reason for the change – which presumably is rooted in some expected benefit to the library’s users or staff – I may be able to suggest better approaches.  After all, sometimes the best way to do a data change is to change no data at all, and instead change displays or software configuration options.  If data does need to be changed, knowing why can make it easier for me to suss out some of the details or ask smarter questions.

If the reason for the change isn’t apparent, it will take me time to work with the requester and other experts and stakeholders until I have enough understanding of the big picture to proceed (or to be told to do it because the requester said so – but that has its own problems).

Am I confident that I understand the details of the requested change?

Computers are stupid and precise, so ultimately any process and program I write or use to effect the change has to be stupid and precise.

Humans are smart and fuzzy, so to bring a request down to the level of the computer, I have to analyze the problem until I’m confident that I’ve broken it down enough. Whatever design and development process I follow to do the analysis – waterfall, agile, or otherwise – it will take time.

Am I confident in the data that I am to change?

Is the data to be changed nice, clean and consistent?  Great! It’s easier to move a clean data set from one consistent state to another consistent state than it is to clean up a messy batch of data.

The messier the data, the more edge cases there are to consider, the more possible exceptions to worry about – the longer the data change will take.

Am I confident that I have the technical knowledge to implement the change?

Relevant technical knowledge can include knowledge of any update tools provided by the software, knowledge of programming languages that can use system APIs, knowledge of data manipulation and access languages such as SQL and XSLT, knowledge of the underlying DBMS, and so forth.

If I’m confident in my knowledge of the tools, I’ll need less time to figure out how to put them together to deal with the data change.  If not, I’ll need time to teach myself, enlist the aid of colleagues who do have the relevant knowledge, or find contractors to do the work.

Am I confident in my ability to predict any side-effects of the change?

Library data lives in complicated silos. Sometimes, a seemingly small change can have unexpected consequences.  As a very small example, Evergreen actually cares about the values of indicators in the MARC21 856 field; get them wrong, and your electronic resource URLs disappear from public catalog display.

If I’m familiar with the systems that store and use the data to be changed and am confident that side-effects of the change will be minimal, great! If not, it may take me some time to investigate the possible consequences of the change.

Am I confident in my ability to back out of the change if something goes wrong?

Is the data change difficult or awkward to undo if something is amiss?  If so, it presents an operational risk, one whose mitigation is taking more time for planning and test runs.

Am I confident that I know how often requests for similar data changes will be made in the future?

If the request is a one-off, great! If the request is the harbinger of many more like it – or looks that way – I may be better off writing a tool that I can use to make the data change repeatedly.  I may be even better off writing a tool that the requester can use.

It may take more time to write such a tool than it would to just handle the request as a one-off, in which case it will take time to decide which direction to take.

Am I confident in the organization?

Do I work for a library that can handle mistakes well?  Where if the data change turns out to be misguided, is able to roll with the punches?  Or do I work for an unhealthy organization where a mistake means months of recriminations? Or where the catalog is just one of the fronts in a war between the public and technical services departments?

Can I expect to get compensated for performing the data change successfully? Or am I effectively being treated as if were the stupid, over-precise computer?

If the organization is unhealthy, I may need to spend more time than ought to be necessary to protect my back – or I may end up spending a lot of time not just implementing data changes, but data oscillations.

The pattern should be clear: part of the process of estimating how long it might take to effect a data change is estimating how much confidence I have about the change.  Generally speaking, higher confidence means less time would be needed to make the change – but of course, confidence is a quality that cannot be separated from the people and organizations who might work on the change.

In the extreme – but common – case, if I start from a state of very low confidence, it will take me time to reach a sufficient degree of confidence to make any time estimate at all.  This is why I like a comment that Owen Stephens made in the Slack:

Perhaps this is part of the answer to [Alison]: Q: Always ask how long it will take to investigate and get an idea of how difficult it is.

In the next post, I discuss how various constraints can affect time estimates.

DuraSpace News: UPDATE: 2015 VIVO Conference Workshops Announced

planet code4lib - Tue, 2015-04-21 00:00

Boston, MA  The Sixth Annual VIVO Conference will be held August 12-14, 2015 at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, overlooking Boston. The VIVO Conference creates a unique opportunity for people from across the country and around the world to come together to explore ways to use semantic technologies and linked open data to promote scholarly collaboration and research discovery.

Tara Robertson: May conferences

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 22:58

I’m a bit of a nervous public speaker. Most people assume that because of my personality or pink hair that I’m really comfortable presenting in front of a group of people. Those people also assume I like rollercoasters. This is not true.

Instead of feeling a sense of dread I’m feeling pretty excited about these upcoming presentations. I’m going to be talking about work that I feel really passionate about and co-presenting with some of my favourite colleagues means that there’s support and that I need to be prepared well ahead of time.

BCLA conference, May 20-22

  • I’ll be on a panel Small Changes, Big Impact: New and Affordable Solutions for Document Delivery where I’ll be talking about the process of figuring out what you need software to do and how to look beyond library software vendors to meet your needs. I will reference Monty Python’s Ministry of Silly Walks and talk about workflows.
  • Co-presenting with Amanda Coolidge, Manager, Open Education at BCcampus Can I actually Use It? Testing Open Textbooks for Accessibility where we’ll be talking about the user testing we did with the open textbooks and the toolkit we wrote with Sue Doner, Instructional Designer at Camosun College.
  • I’ll be one of many on the Oh Glorious Failures! Lightning Talks on How to Succeed Through Failure. We know that valuable learning happens through failure but many librarians are reluctant to share our professional failures. I’m going to talk about something I messed up in the open textbooks user testing focus group.

CAUCUSS conference, May 24-27

This will be my first time attending CAUCUSS, the national conference for student services folks in post-secondary. I’m really looking forward to meeting disability service folks from across Canada as well as attending a session on universal design for learning.

  • I’m also looking forward to co-presenting Alternate Formats 101 with Heidi Nygard from UBC’s Access and Diversity, Crane Library. Both of our organizations have  a long history of producing alternate formats and we’re going to go through how the similarities and differences in how we produce various alternate formats: accessible PDF, e-text, mp3, DAISY, Large Print and how we deal with pesky things like tables, math formulas and image descriptions. We’re going to sneak in some stuff about core library values and protecting user rights.

Open Textbook Summit, May 28-29

  • This will be the first time Amanda, Sue and I will present together in person. We’re doing a 30 minute session on the user testing and we’ll be co-presenting with one of the students who did the testing, Shruti Shravah. This project was the highlight of my last year of work: collaborating with Amanda and Sue was the best thing, the students were amazing, and I’m proud of the process and outcome. I’m super excited about this talk.

LITA: Technology Disaster Response and Recovery Planning

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 21:07

Check out the newest LITA Guide: Technology Disaster Response and Recovery Planning

Most library disaster plans focus on response and recovery from collection and facilities disasters, such as fire and floods. But because technology is becoming ever more integral to libraries’ role in their communities, any interruption in service and resources is a serious matter. A disaster’s effect on internet and social media sites, electronic resources, digital collections, and staff and public infrastructure of PCs, tablets, laptops and other peripherals requires special consideration. Edited by Mary Mallery, “Technology Disaster Response and Recovery Planning: A LITA Guide” published by ALA TechSource, features contributions from librarians who offer hard-won advice gained from personal experience. Leading readers through a step-by-step process of creating a library technology disaster response and recovery plan, this compendium:

  • outlines the three phases of technology disaster response, with examples of planning and implementation strategies from several different libraries;
  • describes how to conduct an inventory and risk assessment;
  • provides detailed case studies of recent large-scale technology disasters in libraries and documents how lessons learned have helped to improve technology disaster planning;
  • offers an in-depth look at future trends in cloud computing, mapping out the new field of disaster mitigation, response and recovery planning;
  • includes useful resources such as checklists, templates and a sample communications plan.

Mallery is the associate dean for technical services at Montclair State University Library. She has published articles and presented on library technology-related topics extensively. She is the book review editor for the Journal of Electronic Resources Librarianship and a regular contributor to the Web Review column of Technical Services Quarterly. She teaches classes in database design and management as well as metadata sources for library professionals at the Rutgers University School of Communication and Information as a part-time lecturer.

Nicole Engard: Bookmarks for April 20, 2015

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 20:30

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on Delicious.

  • IPFire IPFire was designed with both modularity and a high-level of flexibility in mind. You can easily deploy many variations of it, such as a firewall, a proxy server or a VPN gateway.
  • Karma: A Data Integration Tool Karma is an information integration tool that enables users to quickly and easily integrate data from a variety of data sources including databases, spreadsheets, delimited text files, XML, JSON, KML and Web APIs.

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Islandora: Keeping Tabs on Islandora

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 16:12

One of the things that makes Islandora work is the amazing community of people using, developing, and sharing ideas about it, which acts as a sort of informal support network (especially the listserv. Seriously, you guys are awesome). 

It's a community that has grown in a fairly organic way, which means it can be a little spread out, especially if you are new to Islandora and aren't sure where to look. Today's blog is a primer on where to go, what to subscribe to, and what to watch to keep tabs on the Islandora community.


This may be a little tautological, but if you are hitting this blog from a link somewhere else, then here's what you can expect from this website:

  • Weekly blog/news updates on topics of interest in the community
  • Updates and details for Islandora events, such as camps and virtual meetings
  • Curated lists of tools and scripts developed by the community
  • Information about the Islandora Foundation and our partners.
  • Track known issues and bug in Islandora (and report your own!)
  • Track new features in development (and also request your own!)
  • Track improvements being made to Islandora (and... !)
  • islandora: for regular users and general community questions/discussion
  • islandora-dev: for more technical questions and discussions
  • islandora-release: discussions and updates from the Release Team for whatever release in in the works

Some RSS feeds you may want to add to your RSS handler of choice:

  • IRC - #islandora on freenode (bots for GitHub and TravisCI activity)
  • Twitter - @islandora for regular updates and retweets from the community

Jonathan Rochkind: Of ISBN reliability, and the importance of metadata

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 16:11

I write a lot of software that tries to match bibliographic records from one system to another, to try and identify availability of a desired item in various systems.

For instance, if I’m in Google Scholar, I might click on an OpenURL link to our university. And then my software wants to figure out if the item you clicked on is available from any of our various systems — primarily the catalog, or the BorrowDirect consortium, or maybe a free digital version from HathiTrust, a few other places.

You could instead be coming from EBSCOHost, or even WorldCat, or any other third party platform that uses OpenURL to hand-off a citation to a particular institution.

The best way to find these matches is with an identifier, like ISBN, OCLCnum, or LCCN. Trying to search by just author/title, it’s a lot harder for software to be sure it’s found the right thing, and only the right thing. This is why we use identifiers, right? And ISBN is by far the most popular one, the one most likely to be given to my system by a third-party system like Google Scholar — even though there are many titles that don’t have ISBN’s, Google Scholar wont’ send me an OCLCnum or LCCN. We have to work with what we’ve got.

One problem that can arise is when an ISBN seems “wrong” somewhere.

Recently, I was looking for a copy of W.E.B. DuBois’ Darkwater, after I learned that  DuBois had written a speculative fiction short story that appears in that collection! (You can actually read it for free on Project Gutenberg online, but I wanted the print version).

Coming from an OpenURL link from WorldCat, WorldCat gave my system this ISBN for that title: 9780743460606.  That 13-digit ISBN translates into a 10-digit ISBN 074346060X.  (Every 10-digit ISBN has an equivalent 13-digit ISBN which represents the same assigned ISBN, just in 13-digit form).

When my local system powered by Umlaut searched our local catalog for that ISBN — it came up with an entirely different book!  Asphalt, by Carl Rux, Atria Books, 2004.  Because my system assumes if it gets an ISBN match it’s the right book, it offered that copy to me, and I requested it for delivery at the circ desk — and only when it gave me a request confirmation did I realize, hey, that’s not the book I wanted!

It turns out not only OCLC, but the LC Catalog itself lists that same 10-digit version of the ISBN on two different bibliographic records for two entirely different titles. (I don’t know if URLs are persistent, but try this one). LCCN 2003069067 for an edition of DuBois Darkwater , Washington Square Press 2004; and LCCN 2003069638 for a 2004 Atria Press edition of Rux’s Asphalt.  In both records in, that same ISBN 074346060X appears in a MARC 020$a as an ISBN.

So what’s going on? Is there an error in the LC cataloging, which made it into worldcat and many many libraries cataloging?  Or did a publisher illegally re-use the same ISBN twice? (The publisher names appear different, but perhaps they are two different imprints of the same publisher? How else would they wind up with the same ISBN prefix?)

I actually don’t know.  I did go and get a copy of the 2004 Atria Press Asphalt by Rux from our stacks.  It’s a hardcover and no longer has it’s dust jacket, as is typical. But on the verso in the LC Cataloging-in-publication data, it lists a different ISBN: “ISBN 0-7434-7400-7 (alk. paper)”.  It does not list the 074346060X ISBN.  I think the 074346060X may really belong to the DuBois 2004 Washington Square Press edition?  In some cataloging records for the Asphalt/Rux, both  ISBN’s appear, as repeated 020’s.

It took me quite a bit of time to get to the bottom of this (which I still haven’t done actually), a couple hours at least.  I did it because I was curious, and I wanted to make sure there wasn’t an error in my software.  We can’t really “afford” to do this with every mistake or odd thing in our data.  But this is a reminder that our software systems can only be as good as our data.   And data can be very expensive to fix — let’s say this is an error in LC, and LC fixes it, I have no idea how long it would take to make it to WorldCat, or to individual libraries — there are many libraries that don’t routinely download updates/changes from WorldCat, and the correction would probably never make it to them. (If you have a way to report this to LC and feel like it, feel free to do so and update us in comments!)

Also a reminder that periodically downloading updates from WorldCat, to sync your catalog to any changes in the central system, is a really good idea.  It’s time consuming enough for one person to notice an error like this (if it is an error), figure out how to report it, someone to fix it.  That work should result in updated records for everyone, not just individual libraries that happen to notice the issue and manually download new copy or fix it.

It may not be a cataloging error — publishers have sometimes assigned the same ISBN to more than one title. Due to a software error on their part, or not understanding how the ISBN system works — sometimes a publisher figures if the ISBN was previously used in an edition that’s been out of print for 20 years, why not re-use it?  This is not allowed by the ISBN system. It causes havok in computer systems if a publisher does so. But the ISBN registrars could probably be doing a better job of educating publishers about this (it’s not mentioned in Bowker’s FAQ, maybe they think it’s obvious?). Or even applying some kind of financial penalty or punishment if a publisher does this, to make sure there’s a disincentive?

At any rate, as the programmers say, Garbage In, Garbage Out,  our systems can only work with the (meta)data they’ve got — and our catalogers’ and metadata professionals’ work with our data is crucial to our systems ultimate performance.

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FOSS4Lib Upcoming Events: Mind the Gap. Bridging Digital Libraries and Archives

planet code4lib - Mon, 2015-04-20 14:23
Date: Tuesday, April 28, 2015 - 12:00 to 13:00Supports: IslandoraFedora Repository

Last updated April 20, 2015. Created by Peter Murray on April 20, 2015.
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From the announcement:

You're invited to attend our next Islandora Webinar:
Mind the Gap. Bridging Digital Libraries and Archives on Tuesday April 28 at 12pm EDT.

Islandora is an open source software framework for managing and preserving digital assets.

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